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Previous considerations

For information regarding the data responsible, as well as the people in charge of its treatment and the privacy policy, see above.

Definition and purpose of cookies

They are small pieces of information that record actions a user executes when browsing a website. Cookies are not files with a virus, spam, trojans, worms, spyware, nor promotional info either as static information on the website or in the form of pop-up windows.

Where they are kept

In the folder devised by each web browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.). To check this, you can navigate to the same web domain and verify, using two different web browsers, that the user preferences can be different in each one, or in the private window inside the same web browser.

What happens if I don't set them on

As an example, possible effects of not authorizing the use of cookies could be the following:
  • Products chosen in a virtual store won't be shown in the shopping cart, preventing the successful creation of an order.
  • You won't be able to access the customer section, personal area, or any other section of a website that requires user confirmation and validation.
  • It won't be possible to collect the necessary data to analyze the use of the website, preventing me from improving it for your own benefit.
  • You won't be able to share the website contetns in Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others.
  • In certain websites, your visit could be considered undesirable, as they don't allow anonymous visitors.
That list is merely enunciative, not exhaustive.

How to exercise your rights

At any moment, you can disable the cookies you don't want to use, changing your consent as indicated in the cookies definition section of these policies.

How to delete the cookies

You can delete and/or block the cookies for any web browsing activity you do, or for a specific web domain. This configuration must be set up on each web browser. If you do it on one web browser and not in the rest of the same device, it's assumed that in the rest you do accept the use of cookies.

As each web browser uses different configurations, you'll need to check the help section of each one of them to see how it's done. This section mentions only the most widely used. However, due to web browser updates and operating system changes, this can vary. The best approach is to always check your web browser's user manuals.

Guide about cookies

If you wish to know what the European Commision says regarding cookies, clich this link.

If you want more info 

You can reach me at any moment via e-mail:
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