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Redemption beyond time: a journey of hope and sacrifice


In the wake of impending threats and a prophecy revealing dark events, Niza embarks on a mission for the salvation of her world. As she unravels the mysteries of the prophecy, she faces challenges from her former followers, a plan for mass destruction, and a deep-seated grudge held by a deceitful adversary.


The struggle intensifies as alliances shift, the dragons' threat looms, and a deadly plot unfolds. Jantl, Lino, and their companions are drawn into a race against time to prevent a catastrophe orchestrated by the one they trust most.


With Niza's fate hanging in the balance, a complex web of events culminates in a desperate battle against malevolence and a quest for redemption. As they confront their pasts and secrets come to light, the fate of Koiné and the future of its races cling from a thread.


This is a tale of perseverance, reconciliation, and the enduring bonds that transcend time and space but, above all, it is a tale of bravery.

Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. III: Salvation

PrecioDesde ₡13,000.00

Coleccionista bilingüe (Hardcover)

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