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Unleash the power of diversity in a world beyond imagination


In the diverse world of Koiné, five unique races coexist, each with their own extraordinary abilities. When Rinto, a young man from the Aware race, is exiled, he seeks revenge against his own father, setting in motion a chain of events that leads to the birth of Niza, the first-ever half-blood in Koiné. As Niza grows, her powers and true heritage are revealed, and her journey intertwines with Lino, who discovers his telepathic abilities.


Niza's path leads her to Kempr, the charismatic Supreme Regent, and her descent into darkness as she establishes a secret Sect of Aware younglings, oppressing her people. The Strong Folk rise against her, sparking a series of events with devastating consequences.


As the fate of Koiné hangs in the balance, Fizz, a mysterious being of light, seeks to rekindle Niza's lost innocence and attachment to her past. The stage is set for a climactic battle that could change the world's destiny forever.

Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. I: The Five Races

PrecioDesde ₡11,000.00

Coleccionista bilingüe (Hardcover)

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