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A world shattered, a destiny reclaimed


In the aftermath of a devastating eruption and the release of long-chained dragons, Niza’s world is marked by tragedy and reconciliation. Amidst the chaos and the schism, alliances shift, and secrets unravel. As Niza tries to make amends with the Strong Folk, unaware of a brewing invasion, a race against time begins in order to confront the dragon threat.


With the help of allies, including the enigmatic Thinkers and the mighty Strong Folk, Niza’s companions embark on a perilous journey to the Valley of the Impassable Mountains. The being of light, Fizz –Niza’s faithful friend–, plays a critical role in the unfolding events.


The Thinkers harness their power to protect the innocent and Lino discovers Fizz's unique ability, leading to a momentous turning point. In the battle’s fallout, Niza’s path takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, a looming threat and a mysterious prophecy are revealed.


This is a story of resilience, redemption, and the consequences of choices in a world where magic and destiny intertwine.

Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. II: The Schism

PrecioDesde ₡12,000.00

Coleccionista bilingüe (Hardcover)

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